Building Character in Young Men. Healing and Restoring Families. A Family-Centered Therapeutic Boarding School for Struggling Boys Age 8-13.

This Could Be THE Turning Point for Your Struggling Boy!

Turning Point Behavioral Academy for Boys is a licensed 12-18 month therapeutic boarding school for boys age 8-13 struggling with behavior issues such as anger, rage, depression, ADD/ADHD, RAD, disrespect, lying, low self esteem, failing grades, or stealing. Our program is owned and run by a Youth Pastor, a former U.S. Marine and Police Officer, and a mother of three boys. Turning Point is built to provide structure and discipline for young boys in a grace-oriented environment seeking to build responsibility, integrity and character. We provide a safe space for growth physically, emotionally, relationally and academically in an alternative, active-lifestyle environment, for boys who need it most.

A Homelike, Family-Oriented Environment Built for Growth & Change

We eat, play, work and grow together like a family! Our ranch house is just like home, and we play outside a lot. Our house mom and dad provide a loving, grace-oriented environment for young boys living together with other boys, four to a room. Boys contribute to the household doing various chores and helping with the house. Boys learn what it looks like to be a part of a family, because family is important!

Academics & Credit Recovery

Our academic program is built to meet the specific needs of each of our attending boys. An academic plan is created for each student, and our program is built to help boys not only catch up with their schooling and potentially recover lost credits, but thrive in an alternative environment. Boys do schoolwork and learn during the day in ways that are often impossible in a standard school setting. With time they may even regain their love for learning.

Licensed Therapy & Family Counseling

Highly experienced counselors, mentors and licensed therapists come alongside you and your boy together. Regular group therapy, individual therapy and family therapy provide your boy the tools he needs to be successful relationally, personally, and help you to come up with good strategies for dealing with your struggling boy in healthy ways. Our counselors, mentors and therapists have been working together with families for years and know how to help you move your family from surviving to thriving.

Once In a Lifetime Outdoor Adventures

Our campus is set in the beautiful Tobacco Valley in Eureka, Montana. Just a short drive away from several national parks, state parks and national forests that most people will never get to enjoy in their entire lifetime. We go fishing, camping, hiking and backpacking in some of the most beautiful terrain in the country. Your boy will love every second he gets to be outdoors, and will gain outdoor and survival skills from a former U.S. Marine, Police Officer and SWAT team member.

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Turning Point Behavioral Academy for Boys
Turning Point Behavioral Academy for Boys
Turning Point Behavioral Academy for Boys
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